For over 30 years, Old British Fish & Chips has provided Victoria with the highest quality food, friendly service, and low prices so you get the most for your dining dollar.


We do our very best to provide quality traditional Fish & Chips along with a variety of other foods such as burgers and other delicious meals so there is something for everyone Old British Fish & Chips.


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Old British Fish & Chips is now "Gluten Friendly".

By this we mean that most of our menu items and recipes are gluten-free, however we are not completely gluten free.  Some of our menu items may have gluten based ingredients in them, for example our draft and most of our bottled beers, some sauces, like traditional ketchup, and the occasional dessert special will contain gluten.


All of our fish and seafood batters, house salad dressings and most condiments are gluten free. We even have gluten free ketchup if you wish.  If you have allergies to gluten based products please let us know and we will help you avoid anything on our menu that is not gluten free.